There are many good things in the future Andi Dorfman.

Two months later, the 34 year-old was still alive BacheloretteThe identity of the mystery man she is with has been disclosed by an alum. CelebHomes News has learned that Andi is currently dating. Blaine HartShe is a man from her history.

The insider claims that the couple met in college and became friends through a mutual friend. Blaine went to South Carolina school together.

The source said that they met while both were in Italy during the summer, and then reconnected after fifteen years. The source says that they have been married ever since.

Andi shared the first hint of romance with Blaine on Nov. 10. She posted a picture to Instagram in which she was seen snuggling up to her boyfriend. In the picture, Blaine’s face was turned away from the camera, prompting fans—including her cousin and 13 Reasons You Should Care Star Tommy Dorfman—to ask, “Now who is this?”

While the reality star has yet to tag Blaine in any of her social media posts, the source tells CelebHomes News that the couple’s relationship is “the fairy tale Andi always dreamt of.”