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It is that time again. It’s a beautiful day and people are eager to get outside. You love entertaining your family and friends, so let’s do it! Christina HaackBe your guide. This is the The Flip or flip Alum shared some Amazon Home Essentials to Summer Entertainment with us recently.

Outdoor entertaining is possible with this product. There are so many amazing products that we can share with you. It’s the season for graduations and barbeques. “Here in Orange County the weather is heating up so we have great products for your guys,” Christina said to Amazon customers during a live stream.

It Christina at the Coast Star said, “These products are among my favourites I’ve seen on Amazon.” Star even shared that she has overpaid almost three-times for items from other shops in the past and these products are the same ones I can find at Amazon. 

Christina has compiled a list of Amazon suggestions to help you avoid spending too much on outdoor gear.