Leighton Meester welcomes baby no. 2 With Adam Brody

The Queen B has returned!

Fans were able to get a glimpse at Leighton Meester‘s new Netflix physiological thriller Weekend awayThe streaming service released some photos of the first look on Wednesday February 2.

 Although the pics don’t reveal too much of the plot, according the film’s official synopsis, Leighton stars as a woman who is accused of killing her best friend while on a weekend getaway to Croatia. As she tries to get her name cleared, she uncovers an awful truth.

Leighton and co-stars sit in the passenger seat. Ziad Bakri. Another picture shows their characters running down steps as if they are being chased.  

Based on the book of the same title, the movie Sarah AldersonThe premiere of, is scheduled for March 3.

“I’m so thrilled to see you!” Weekend away“Make it to the screen,” said the author in a statement. To have an adaptation of my own book makes it more special. Leighton is going to bring the character to life.