First Kill has us feeling bloodthirsty. 

It turns out, vampire hunters and vampire hunters also have a confusing time in adolescence, according to the Netflix trailer.

According to the streamer the series is about Juliette, a teenage vampire. Juliette must make her first kill in order to be able to join a powerful vampire clan. Calliope is the new girl she’s looking for. Juliette is shocked to discover that Calliope comes from a distinguished family of vampire slayers.

Things get more complicated when Juliette (and Calliope) start to feel for each other. Young love is so confusing. 

Juliette is told by Calliope that you are nothing like the monsters she grew up hateing in the trailer. 

Calliope, Juliette, and Calliope are the daughters of long-line vampire and vampire hunter parents.