Fiona stated that even if the spin-off is not realized, it won’t be the end for the characters. They have been entertaining and inspiring viewers since 2018’s series debut. It’s been an extremely happy period in my life these past four years, she said. Carolyn won’t be here anymore, even though it’s the end.

While she might be saying farewell, Eve is killed, Fiona will always carry a bit of Carolyn with her—even if she considers herself quite different from the cold character. The idea that Carolyn and she are the same person made her laugh, adding, “I wouldn’t get into MI-6 but that’s the fun of the game!” 

Of course, she acknowledges “there must be bits of me in her,” or she wouldn’t have been able to play the character so effortlessly. Fiona said that she is not “like me” and added,