The second season of Binge Season Two was completed.Emily in ParisAll we can say is: Lucien Laviscount (Alfie) ooh la la.

Did wCelebHomes wait a year for a new season and then finish it within 24 hours of its release? We did. With Alfie and Laurent G (Arnaud BinardEmily’s new suitor is (Lily Collins(), Vacations to Saint Tropez, Emily ActuallyYou can speak some French Darren StarDec. 22 was the release date for a series that had been produced. It is not disappoint.

If you are like us, and already searching for that next binge then it is oui have the perfect list for you. Starting at Mindy Kaling‘s The Sexual Lives of College GirlSend an email to HBO Max Just like that Netflix and other streaming services TwentySomethings: Austin, there’s bound to be something that will have everyone lounging on their couch for hours.

Put away your passport, but bring your luggage, because you will be traveling to Stowe in Vermont, New York City and Austin, TX with these shows. You could even return to college.

These series are also full of great eye candy, which we wouldn’t advise you to ignore.