Will SmithAnother job is available. 

This JokaAccording to, he will no longer be producing, the Roku comedy series featuring stand-up comedians. Deadline. And, per the publication, Will’s slap of Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscars had nothing to do with the decision.

The show brought together up-and-coming and established comedians to talk about the art of stand-up. In the first season, comedians like Punkie JohnsonDemi AdejuyigbeAnd Baron Vaughn. Shot in Las Vegas, the series also featured one-on-one conversations between Will and the comedians.

It’s a little more complex than you might think. Deadline reports that the possibility to renew the series expired before Roku started the show. According to Deadline, they were unable to determine viewership in time to decide on a new season.

Will is not happy about this decision. This follows his Oscars scandal, which he now regrets. Deadline reports that Netflix has decided not to move forward with Will’s stand-up special. This was originally announced back in 2021. This special has not yet been filmed.