Serene was aware that her brother could be the most difficult to crack upon her arrival at her mother’s house. She laughed and said, “If my brother ever was super protective of me then he would be like, ‘oh I’m your sister, I don’t care’.” He really does care deep down.

After reminiscing about the couple’s past experiences, Serene revealed to her family that Clayton had asked her questions regarding the deaths of her grandmother (and her cousin) in recent weeks. Serene said that Clayton had never really discussed the matter with her and considered this a significant turning point. 

Brother Roland shared some insight in confessional before Clayton and I went off to talk one-on-one. 

Clayton, he said. My sister is my friend. Instantly, she seemed so happy. It’s bittersweet, as the higher you go, the harder it is to fall. She is truly, deeply scared of me. Sometimes it is true that brothers know better than anyone. 

Roland instantly told Clayton, after he had sat down to discuss his feelings with Clayton, that it was a surprise for him to see his sister be so vulnerable. “Our grandma? It happened two years back. What about our cousin? He said that it happened about two or three months back. The fact she revealed that to you is huge. This is still a wound that she has not healed. This lets me know she recognizes something in you.” 

Serene sat with Roland before leaving for the cathartic talk that siblings only can share. 

“I have to put a lot of big brother stuff aside because this is so fast,” he said while wiping away tears. I am so happy because of the way you guys act and how they look at each other. But it also scares me the most. It has been a number of times that I’ve seen you suffer. You have been calling me up at three in the morning to cry with. “I don’t want to make you feel like that.” 

Are you ready to let Roland become our big brother too?

Clayton, back at the mansion was struggling to make a decision. He decided not to go into the rose ceremony. He confessed to being a host Jesse Palmer that he was “falling in love with” all four of the final women. 

But, there are roses that were given to SusieRachel and Gabby, the harsh truth—and Roland’s fears—reared its head. Serena quizzed Clayton on whether her openness ultimately led to her leaving, but Clayton stated that it was only a matter of asking himself where he stands with his heart.