Warning! This article contains spoilers for the episode from March 16.You are in good company

Maia MitchellIt is saying “good-bye” to one family member and “good-bye” to the next.

Callie Foster is now an adopted daughter of Stef Adams Foster and Lena Adams Foster after nine years. FostersAndYou are in good company, Mitchell has exited the Freeform series, now in its fourth season.

“Two shows. 156 episodes and a selected family for the rest of my life.” On March 16, the actress shared her Instagram account, “Lucky Me.” “While I feel so blessed to have the career and job I love, without any regrets,” she wrote on Instagram March 16.

During the March 16 episode titled “Kiss Me and Smile for Me”—which marked Mitchell’s last—Callie revealed that she was moving to Washington, D.C., to take her dream job at the ACLU. Mariana received the information to tell her.Cierra RamirezHer moms were invited to join her (Teri PoloAnd Sherri SaumJude, brother (Hayden ByerlyTake a taxi to the town. 

What is the most shocking plot twist? After Callie said her goodbyes and boarded the plane, her on-and-off boyfriend, Jamie (Beau MirchoffHe also boarded the plane on the same flight, and revealed that he had also been offered a job at D.C. 

Let’s say…fate!