The stage mom has reached the top. 

CelebHomes is on Siwas Dance Pop RevolutionThe broadcast aired Dec. 28. Jessalynn Siwa a parent to take her place. Kinley‘s mom, Tracy, takes issue with how much stage time her daughter gets in the spotlight, and as the final round approaches, Tracy encourages Kinley to ask for a bigger singing part. 

Tracy advised, “Ask Jess how you can get more part in the next song.” Ask her about what needs to be done. 

Kinley became uncomfortable and said, “No! That would be very rude!” 

Tracy was determined to bring Jessalynn under her wing. 

 “I just want you to know, as a mom, I feel like…I know Dallas didn’t get a part in the first song but she got a bigger part than Kinley,” Tracy pointed out, comparing Kinley to the other performers. I kept thinking about all the people in that industry, and that was it. My child is doing well.”