Imagine that you were the last to see it. Mozhan Marnò The Blacklist? You might want to reconsider.

CelebHomes News can exclusively reveal that the former cast member will return as Mossad operative turned FBI agent Samar Navabi in a guest appearance on the Friday, May 6 episode of the long-running NBC drama.

Introduced in the show’s second season, fans last saw Marnò in season six, as Samar fled for her life after Mossad put a target on her head, seeing her diagnosis with vascular dementia as a liability to the agency.

With the help of Red—played by James Spader—she boarded a plane, headed into the unknown, leaving her fiancé and fellow Redding Task Force member Aram Mojtabai—played by Amir Arison—behind, and hasn’t been seen since.

While fans will have to tune in to see how and why Marnò’s character will return, the episode—titled “The Bear Mask”—will see Aram turn to “an unusual outlet for release” after “feeling the weight of recent pressures.”