Rome FlynnIs moving from one section of Shondaland in to the other!

Flynn, who starred as Sam Keating’s son Gabriel Maddox during seasons 4, 5 and 6 of Shonda RhimesHow to Escape Murder Now heading to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. Variety reports. Reports.Anthony Hill).

Wendell is “a typical younger sibling with a mischievous sense of humor,” according to ABC’s description. “He’s hoping to impress Winston with his new sales-rep role at a medical technology company” at a time when the physician shortage at the hospital is entering a crisis phase, Variety reports.

Fans of the actor, aged 30, were delighted when the casting announcement was made.

One Twitter user stated, “Suddenly I will be watching.” “ROME FLYNN IS JOINING GREYS ANATOMY THIS IS NOT A DRILL,” another tweeted in excitement.