This one hurt. Isn’t it just awful when the winner couple splits up? Greg, a fan favourite, was among the first Islanders to rejoin the villa. The couple got together weeks before season finale. However, they split just weeks later. 

After some mild controversy and back and forth between the couple over how exactly the split went down (apparently Greg, a rugby player based in Ireland, ended it via text), Amber said on Loose Women, “I think the careers and the distance was always a factor. We knew it was there, and I’m not sure what happened. Although I really wanted it to work, it’s what it is.

As for Greg, he defended himself, saying on RTE’s Late Late ShowShe said, “She lives and works in the UK. Every brand wants her to be there. Every event wants her there. Of course, it is all her fault and that’s why I came back to Ireland to do my thing.”