Oh my goodness, the countdown is over Siwas Dance Pop Revolution—which means we’ll finally know which contestant(s?!) We’ll finally know which contestant(s) will be joining us Jessalynn Siwa mega girls group. 

During an exclusive sneak peek at the two-part season finale, airing Tuesday, Dec. 28, Jessalynn gives feedback to the three XOMG POP frontrunners. 

Jessalynn starts, “First I want you to know is that tonight was fantastic,” Jessalynn says, her daughter JoJo Siwa agrees that the girls’ performance was “magical.”

Jessalynn says, “As much I was concerned about taking some sassy ladies and doing a dance, it turned out to be pretty incredible. Dallas, KinleyAnd Tinie-T, please step forward.” 

Jessalynn provides individual feedback to the three mini stars.

Jessalynn says, “Kinley. I believe you’re a fantastic dancer. But we need to improve your singing.” Tinie T, I didn’t get a part tonight. You should have, and your mother would be proud. Your week was not prepared, but you were able to do well. It was your chance to sing. I think of JoJo when your glass is half empty. That’s an awesome trait.