Perhaps the most frequent DMs Underwood gets are from his fans in the LGBTQ+ community who have been inspired by his coming out journey.

“Many thoughtful and heartfelt messages were sent to me via DMs. This was very encouraging and much appreciated when I was experiencing my own difficulties,” he stated. “So, kindness is certainly the way to go in DMs.”

Sometimes, Underwood receives just as many NSFW DMs. He laughed, “And if your in the mood,” he said. A d–k picture could be considered kind at the end of it all, so pick your weapon carefully.

Answering a few questions from CelebHomes News’ fan DMs, Underwood talked about the unconventional piece of jewelry he and new fiancé Jordan C. BrownTheir engagement was chosen as a symbol. In February 2022, the couple got married.

He stated, “We have rings and necklaces.” It’s a C, with mine birthstones, and a J for his. There are also two small diamonds to the sides. There’s also a quote at the back.