Farrah Abraham is struggling with her mental and physical health following her recent arrest for alleged assault, which she called an attack on her.

The 30-year old was revealed earlier in the month. Teen Mom star allegedly slapped a security guard at a Hollywood nightclub following an altercation with another individual inside, police had said. A bystander filmed her being detained outside on a citizen’s arrest. Later, she was arrested on suspicion for misdemeanor battery. She is scheduled to appear in court May. CelebHomes News received Farrah’s statement later, in which she stated that she had been “attacked” and “harassed.”

On Saturday, Jan. 29, she got emotional as she recalled the incident to a photographer. In the video, posted by TMZ, Farrah said that she lost function of the upper right side of her body as a result of being “attacked and illegally cuffed to some guy” during the nightclub incident and added that her injury was “severe.”

She said, “I am trying to be positive about it since I was really suicidal last week.” “It is sad. It feels like I am losing my function. “I’m going on the brink of tears.” “I’m sorry.”