This is the moment you’ve been waiting for – it’s our culinary moment!

Iron ChefThis is it! The reimagining of Iron Chef begins June 15 on Netflix.

And it may be new, but thankfully, some familiar faces come along with it. Alton BrownWill be back in the kitchen stadium as a host Kristen Kish. Additionally, Mark DacascosHe will be resuming his position as The Chairman.

According to series descriptions, this time the series “will be reborn with a huge approach to ground-breaking culinary contest that began it all.” This is the hardest culinary challenge any chef has ever faced. The reimagined Kitchen Stadium will host five new Iron Chefs who are trailblazers and brave Challenger Chefs. They’ll be challenged and pushed to their limits by the Challenger Chefs.

The most successful Challenger will then return to battle in a grand finale for the chance to be named the first ever “Iron Legend.” Exciting, right?