A new semester means new adventures for the students of Essex College.

Season 2 of College Girls’ Sex Lives—starring Pauline ChalametAmrit Kaur, Reneé Rapp Alyah Chanelle Scott—is currently in production, and fans of the HBO Max comedy series can expect some changes. First, the first season will be starring a female heartthrob. Gavin LeatherwoodIt will NotFor the next installment, Nico will be reprising his role.

“I really miss Gavin,” Pauline, who plays Kimberly and had Gavin as a love interest for most of season one of College Girls’ Sex LivesCelebHomes News exclusively spoke to. Gavin is an amazing sweetheart. He’s also a great worker. However, he’s still on the right path to doing wonderful things.

While this news is likely distressing for fans of the duo, it seems there is plenty of new love to look forward to for Kimberly in season two. Pauline teased, “We can expect that Kimberly is going to be exploring her options.”

The question is, what newcomers might think? Mitchell SlaggertKimberly will offer a new option for ‘The CW’, which was cast in season 2 of the show on June 3. Time will reveal.