Get your Eggo Waffles! Stranger ThingsIt is almost day.

On Nov. 6, Will Byers Day is commemorated.Noah Schnapp) went missing in season one, sparking a series of fascinating supernatural adventures, a generation of Hollywood’s next child stars and the resurgence of Winona Ryder

It’s not surprising that Eleven is being celebrated by the streamer.Millie Bobby Brown() and Company. Tonight’s big event starts at midnight and will offer many teases about season 4. At 7:01 a.m. PST, social media accounts will be available for viewing. Stranger Things will reveal specifics about a new location that will be featured in season four: The golden state of California.

Hawkins (Indiana) has served as the base of operations for three consecutive seasons. However, the Byers have moved out and Jim Hopper has taken over.David HarbourWe expected to flee the Hoosier State, as we were incarcerated in Russia. A teaser video from September 2019 stated, “We’re no longer in hawkins.”