EuphoriaThe second season of ‘The Walking Dead’ has ended. Cassie said that we have never been happier.

We didn’t have a great second season. Sam LevinsonWe loved the teen dramas that were created, but found this latest one to be incredibly stressful. In the past seven weeks we have watched RueZendaya() struggles with addiction, nearly get human trafficked and kick down doors to alienate all her loved ones. Rue was able to show that she is not giving up on her drug-fuelled crimes in the finale of season 2.

Rue wasn’t the only character who had an emotionally charged second-season. Cassie (Sydney SweeneyAfter sleeping with Maddy, her ex-best friend (), a complete breakdown occurred.Alexa DemieEthan (and her mother) suffered traumas worse than their season one strangulation.Austin Abrams() broke free from his comfort zone by performing a homoerotic number of dance steps in the school play.

We’re exhausted writing all of that, so it isn’t surprising that Zendaya described filming this season as “f–king brutal” to The Cut.