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TikTok is what has inspired us to purchase so many items over the last two years. But usually it’s experienced skincare gurus telling us what to do in our twenties in order to maintain a youthful appearance of our skin by our forties. This was long before TikTok. Penelope Disick Kourtney KardashianA TikTok account was opened by’s a few months prior. We are now a nine-year old and we run to Ulta or Target for all our self-care needs!

From insider views into Kardashian family gatherings, to cameos Scott Disick North West, the mother-daughter account is truly the gift that keeps on giving. Penelope is our favourite @pandkourt video! 

Not only does Penelope know more about skincare and makeup than we did when we were her age, but we still can’t make videos as aesthetically-pleasing as she can. We have bought so many products from Penelope’s art direction alone!