Everybody hates Chris—even in animated form. 

Reimagined animation version of sitcom Everyone Hates Chris—which ran for four seasons from 2005 to 2009—called Chris is still hated by everyoneCelebHomes News confirmed that Comedy Central and Paramount+ will be receiving the new star,

The animated series is similarly inspired by the teenage years of Chris RockAs executive producer and narrator, he returns. 

Chris is still hated by everyoneMTV Studios claims that Rock’s story will tell the tale of his “experiences as a skinny geek growing up with a large, working-class family in Bed-Stuy (Brooklyn) in the late 1980s”.

The original live-action series, which starred Abbott Elementary‘s Tyler James Williams as Rock, was set from 1982 to 1987. Also included in the cast was Terry CrewsTichina ArnoldTequan RichmondImani Hakim Vincent Martella

Rock is the narrator. A second voice actor has yet to be announced.

Chris Rock is “one of the greatest comedians ever” and 3 Arts and CBS Studios are excited to team up to make this a reality. Chris McCarthy, President/CEO, Paramount Media Networks & MTV Entertainment Studios, “and welcome it as the next big hit in our expanding arsenal of iconic adult animation that includes smash series such as South ParkThe new Beavis and Butthead.”