Alexa play LiterallyEach and every one of them.

Netflix published the March 4, 2018 list of songs to receive orchestral remixes in Season 2. BridgertonWe are. Not disappointed. You can find songs like Ariana GrandeThe “Thank U, Next” and Billie Eilish‘s “Bad Guy,” this season had big Tudor heels to fill, but thankfully, the streamer pulled through. 

Season two will contain songs that range from Madonna to Harry Styles—but how do they pick them? Well, showrunner Chris Van Dusen says there is a methodTo the madness.

Tudum told him that all the songs were chosen for specific reasons. Each one of these songs is powerful in its own way and very emotional. Before I find the right song, I try many songs to fit each scene. Our musical soundtrack is what has me ecstatic this season.

Music supervisor for the series, Justin Kamps, agrees. In the same interview, Kamps said he is “excited for everyone to hear these songs,” because even though they may be “huge songs that everyone knows,” an instrumental version “breathes new life and brings them to a new audience.”