Binge-watchingPleaseBecome obsessed with Joe Goldberg Are you still Team Edward even after all of this? Cardi B is exactly like us except that she has direct access to the actors she loves.

The rapper is Penn BadgleyShe discovered that actor had been an admirer on her Twitter page. It led to an amusing back and forth which ended with the stars switching their Twitter avatars to one of each other’s photos.

Cardi had zero chill at the time she met Robert PattinsonThey posted about the meeting via Instagram in November. 

Cardi, who is screaming to be the star, said, “Come, see my friend, boys.” TwilightBatmanHe posed for her with his tongue open, laughing.

According to the rapper, the caption of the video reads: “Look what I met the other night! I felt like a teen!”