We are just not seeing it yet. 

As if Bachelor Nation’s Ashley Iaconetti The beloved couldn’t possibly be more relatable Bachelor in ParadiseAn alum revealed the truth straight from the heart: What’s on everyones mind? Clayton EchardOur next Bachelor? 

ABC confirmed rumors that Clayton would be giving roses next season and teased his future contestants on September 27. Now, as Bachelorette Michelle YoungWhile’s season is moving along, Clayton, an orthopedic surgeon, is not yet a key player. 

“We know that he’s filming season, but we don’t know much about him,” Ashley I. joked during CelebHomes News. Daily Pop on Nov. 3. “There is nothing charismatic about him. There is nothing that pulls me to know Clayton more. 

Ashley I. believes that Michelle is unlikely to find a husband. She revealed that she feels like there are more candidates than usual. “There are definitely a couple. Brandon. JoeEnsuite, Nayte Who received the first impression rose. I would normally be able to give a few more names but I’m just a bit worried.”