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The actress added, “Now who am I in real life is presenting myself on the page. That’s what I want.” I want people to be honest.” 

Lynch channeled her inexhaustible creative spirit into her acting and into her other passions, dancing and moving her body. She says this is an important part of her mental health practice. Similar to what she did with Luna Lovegood. Potter films, Lynch still connects most with creative, wild roles, noting that “a lot of times creative women are mistaken for being mad, just because we have this fire and this sensitivity.” 

Lynch is able to recall her days on the ’80s. Harry PotterSet with humble reverence. She recalls, “I do think of these brave, hopeful people who showed up and put all their heart into creating this world. And how amazing the results were.” It does create a seamless, magical world that children and adults can look at and believe in. But it all came from their imaginations.

She also appears to have had an impact on her memoir writing process. This to me is real-life magic.

The Contrast of Butterfly Hunting: The Tragedy of Growing Up and The Glory Of Growing UpOct. 19.