Are you looking for memories that can last a lifetime. Now that’s truly *chef’s kiss*.

A self-described “big cook,” Eva LongoriaShe creates special memories with her son. Santiago “Santi” BastónBy passing on her culinary knowledge.

CelebHomes News exclusively revealed that 47-year-old actress “He loves cooking” and “I introduced him to the kitchen very early on.”

Eva doesn’t mind letting her 4-year old son get dirty. “I’m not precious about it,” Eva continued. “I love him to break eggs and throw the flour everywhere and get into the cookie dough….I think it’s important for them to really not have rules and you’re like, ‘No, no, no, no, no, no…’ I think they need to get into the kitchen and get dirty and really feel empowered as they’re creating something.”

Take a look at Eva’s Instagram and you’ll often see her crafting cocktails (she is the founder of the tequila brand Casa del Sol) and whipping up a “dish of the day.” Then, here’s the We are desperate For HousewivesAn alumnus who lives with her husband in Santi José BastónPillsbury has partnered with us for the 2022 Ovens Off Bake Off Contest. This competition is open to home chefs who create delicious Pillsbury recipes, but no oven.