Javon stated, “Man, I wish he was alive.” Esquire. “Because he wasn’t just shot once by hiding in the tub and being shot through the wall,” he said. It’s going be hard for them both, as they both rely so heavily on each other.

Javon stated to the newspaper that Ashtray would be dead after he was shot by police officers during the raid. The third season will feature the following: Umbrella Academy actor said he could be on the run and ultimately reunite with his brother Fez.

“With Fez in jail, I feel like he’s going to get out no matter what,” he noted. He said, “I don’t know how to help him but I believe he will be able get out.” Ash knows he will get his way back because that’s who he most cares for. Fez and Ash would be reunited, that’s what I wish for. The Ash-Fez duo is beloved by many. Fesh train!