Ethan Hawke has joined the MCU—and he didn’t have to look very far for advice on what to expect.

His daughter Maya HawkeStars as a cult favorite: Stranger Things, advised her father to lean into his role in Moon Knight—and the pressure of performing for famously dedicated Marvel fans.

“[Maya]Ethan shared something that was truly beautiful with him. Your job as a performer is to engage with your audience. While you may want to do the work of your convictions, we also want art to matter to people. People care about this. These people have an intense passion for the subject. It is important to show respect and admiration for them as well as their fandom, and to try and offer them something worthwhile.

Stars alongside are the Academy Award nominated actor Oscar IsaacIn the Disney+ series Moon KnightBased on the Marvel Comics character, the movie is called “The Avengers”. Hawke plays Arthur Harrow, a cult leader who goes toe to toe with Moon Knight, played by Isaac.

Maya has joined the Netflix star cast. Stranger ThingsAs Robin, season 3, it was no easy task for an actress in a show with a large following.