We are able to express our gratitude for the wonderful news.

CelebHomes News is able to confirm Erin Lim Rhodes and husband Joshua RhodesThis week, the couple welcomed their first child.

Joshua posted the first Instagram photo of their newborn baby, “Thankful,” on November 25th. All glory to God.

CelebHomes had Erin announce Erin on their Snapchat Show in July The Complete RundownShe was pregnant with her first child. CelebHomes News’ star allowed her fans to follow her journey through pregnancy.

Erin said that hiding it for twenty weeks was difficult now that she’s this far. “Honestly, if I was not on cam every day, I would pull a halter.” Kylie Jenner on y’all! However, I cannot contain my joy at being a mom-in the-making.

Erin collaborated with an event designer earlier in the month. Melissa Andrea to throw a heartfelt backyard baby shower with her closest family and friends.