Erika JayneIs once again disapproving of her. Garcelle BeauvaisThe new book.

During an April 13 Twitter Q&A, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star responded to several tweets about Garcelle, who recently released a memoir, Be my lover..

Erika was asked by a follower if Garcelle had “trashed the entire cast.” [to]Make sure you get the media attention.” Erika’s response? “Just @lisarinna @KyleRichards and @AmeliaGHamlin a teenager.”

Erika was referring to chapter 8 “Reality Bites, Behind-the Scenes Stories,” that centers on Garcelle. RHOBH experiences. The episode focuses on a Season 11 incident. Lisa Rinna and daughter Amelia Hamlin, who is actually 20 and never mentioned by name.

Garcelle actually said the following. “One dustup occurred when I asked Lisa Rinna who I knew for years if she believed that her daughter’s food struggles were caused by her dancing in her uniwear online. This was an honest mom-to-mom question, not to be body-shaming. It was evident that there had been a nerve strike as her daughter responded with an extremely direct and public “F–k off” a few days later. Lisa communicating that message to me would have been appreciated more.