Jayne’s lawyer Evan BorgesHe released his own Jan. 29 statement, praising court’s decision and furtherdefending his client. 

He stated that Edelson still has the legal right to re-fie California but Erika’s dismissal from the federal suit that caused the bankruptcies in Girardi Keese, Tom Girardi was extremely important. Erika was not involved in any of the discussions between GK and Edelson, nor with their clients. Erika’s identity was never mentioned in the hearing.

He said, “I would like Edelson and all others to take the high road moving forward and not make any accusations against Erika with no evidence.” Edelson must get the fullest picture possible of the evidence. Further investigation is not an option. Truth is the most important thing. The truth is, Erika was not involved in any Lion Air transactions, actions or inactions between attorneys and clients. She also never received any Lion Air settlement funds.