Bennifer could’ve been…Bemma?  

You can, as per The Sunset Selling‘s Emma Hernan. In the Netflix show’s fifth episode of Season 5, she claimed that Ben Affleck had slid into her DMs on the dating app Raya “right before” he reunited with his now-fiancée Jennifer LopezIn April 2021. 

In a discussion about Raya, Emma and Ben brought up the topic of Emma’s nearly-romance with Ben. Chrishell StauseEmma was asked by a friend if Emma remembered when Ben Affleck became viral, because he sent some girls. [something]” per US Weekly.

The actress appeared to be referencing the May 2021 viral video of the Oscar winner in which he allegedly reached out to a woman who had unmatched with him on the platform because she thought he was a catfish.  

Emma and the video had, as it turned out, been seen together.  The recipient received some messages from her. Gone Girl star. 

She said that he may have been texting her. “He may or may not have asked to grab…coffee a few times.” We’ll assume that Ben was thinking of Dunkin Donuts because of his love for them.