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You’ve seen it? Emma Chamberlain‘s You can see in her most recent YouTube video that she is innovative in the kitchen. Don’t expect a 5-course dinner from her, but she will happily serve you a delicious five-course meal.

CelebHomes’ Emma said that her favorite thing is to do nothing for others. This is what I enjoy doing. The things I really love, like CAVA Spicy Hummus or my favorite cheeses and crackers from the shop, I get home and set it on a tray. It’s the way I cook. To be honest, I get a little nervous cooking for other people, and when I buy things pre-packaged—I feel safe.”

For those who also get nervous cooking for others, the social media star’s new partnership with CAVA will help you stress less over mealtime. After tweeting the mediterranean restaurant chain over a year ago, expressing her love for their spicy hummus, the two joined forces to create two limited-time menu items: Emma’s Fire Bowl and Emma’s Spicy Snack. 

While serving fans at a CAVA store in Los Angeles, Calif. this week, Emma answered our super pressing questions about all things food and fashion.