Will the real slim shady please stand up—and make way for the girl who’s got a new podcast up her sleeve.

Hailie JadeShe is the daughter rapper Eminem and his ex-wife Kim ScottShe announced the launch of her latest venture in career: A podcast called, A Little Shady. Hailie says it will drop anytime. Official release dates are TBD.

Hailie posted a July 12 Instagram message, “This project had been in the making for some time,” I’m excited to see the premiere episode!

So what are listeners to expect? A Little Shady? According to the podcast’s official Instagram page, the show will talk about her life and pop culture—and “get a little shady.”

She has 2.8 million Instagram followers and isn’t afraid to share bits of her daily life on her account. There are aspects of her private life that she doesn’t share often. Hailie posted a photo of her and her boyfriend back in February. Evan McClintock. Although the pair have reportedly been together since 2016, glimpses of them together on Instagram have been few and far between.