Ten years down, still a long way to go!

Emily VanCampA special milestone was reached with her love. Joshua Bowman. In a sweet Instagram posting, they celebrated their anniversary. RevengeStar shared a sweet picture with her husband and daughter. On Oct. 28, she wrote, “Happy 10th year my love.” “Thank you for the magic that you bring to our lives every day. We are so fortunate.”

Joshua and their newborn baby girl stroll through an open field in the photo. IrisHe was strapped to his chest. The Our GirAs he smiles at the camera, l actor resembles a proud papa.

In August, Emily, age 35, and Joshua (33) surprised the entire world when they announced the birth of little Iris. Emily shared unheard pregnancy photos and a photo of her holding her baby girl’s hand in honor of the occasion.

Emily wrote, “Welcome to our sweet little Iris.” “Our hearts are full.”