Elon’s father is an engineer and like Elon, was born in South Africa. This 2015 biography Elon Musk: Tesla and SpaceX, the Quest for a Fantastic Future, author Ashlee Vanance wrote that Elon and his dad had a difficult relationship. A 2017 emotional year Rolling Stone interview, Elon criticized his father and talked about his upbringing, saying that after his parents split, he moved in with his dad, which, he said, “was not a good idea.”

Errol told Rolling Stone, “I love my children and would readily do whatever for them.”

2015. Forbes interview, Elon’s dad said he used to take his kids on trips overseas. He said that his mother had divorced them when the children were very young, and that the kids would stay with him. I took them around the globe.

Elon and Elon split after Elon was divorced from his mother Maye, Errol married HeideMother of Jana BezuidenhoutThe child was only 4 years of age at the time. Errol and Heidi went on to have two daughters together before they too broke up. Jana and Errol were blessed with a son together in 2017. Elliot.  

Errol told the U.K.’s Sunday Times in 2018 that Jana contacted him the previous year. “We were lonely, lost people,” he told the newspaper. “One thing led to another — you can call it God’s plan or nature’s plan.”

He also added to his Sunday TimesInterviewer said that Jana wasn’t his stepdaughter. He also stated that Jana was left with the family long time. Although he doesn’t live near them, he said that he supports Jana and their son.