Ellen’s Game of GamesPut the “Go” in KNOW or GO.

On Jan. 18, it was revealed that Ellen’s Game of GamesAccording to Deadline, the show would be cancelled for its fifth season. The game show, which premiered in 2017 on NBC, concluded its fourth—and final—season in May 2021. Unscripted episodes were also shown. Ellen DeGeneresWith the assistance of an announcer, sidekick and a narrator Stephen “tWitch” Boss, led contestants through a series of games—based on The Ellen DeGeneres Show—They competed to win $100,000 cash prizes. 

This is in addition to the May announcement. Ellen DeGeneres Show is ending after its 19th season, following controversy regarding workplace toxicity in 2020. In July 2020, 10 ex-employees and one present employee came forward to talk about the workplace environment of daytime talk shows in Buzzfeed News.

According to a former employee, “People tend to focus on the rumors that Ellen is evil and other such things. But that’s not what the problem is.” The problem is the three show’s executive producers who have all of these people under their control. [and]Who create the culture and who are spreading bullying and being mean.”