Their diminutive stature makes them quite attractive Mary-Kate And Ashley Olsen sure do cast a massive shadow. However, it is only one. Elizabeth Olsen has stepped out of, becoming a force to be reckoned with as an actress and an Avenger. 

Back in September, Elizabeth, turning 33 Feb. Feb. 16,, was nominated for her first Emmy for her work on Disney+’s beloved WandaVision. And, it was her bewitching performance as the grief-stricken Wanda Maximoff—or Scarlett Witch if you’re into that sort of thing—that helped land the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s first TV series a whopping 23 nominations. It’s a remarkable feat for a character that fans originally considered ancillary in MCU.

Then again, defying expectations is something Elizabeth has been doing her entire life—Literally. Her older siblings Mary-Kate (born 1989) and Ashley (born 1989) were household names thanks to their roles as Michelle Tanners on ABC’s hit sitcom. The Full House

They quickly turned their success on sitcoms into an empire. The twins starred in movies and TV shows under their production company. By the age of 20, they were already running a multi-billion dollar company.