(Spoilers for the first season of Season One Rutherford FallsPeacock.

Peacock’s characters are to be described Rutherford FallsIt would not be fair to say that they ended up somewhere else than when the first season began.

Particular Ed Helms‘ Nathan Rutherford—the last of the titular town’s historical family to reside there—as he discovered that he’s not in fact a true Rutherford. Nathan was compelled to self-discovery by the news. This is what fans will be able to follow in season 2, which debuts June 16.

Helms told CelebHomes News that “he’s still very healing” and that it has not been healed. Helms said that “He is still in purgatory” and has not faced some of his fears.

Nathan is blessed to have Reagan Wells as his best friend (Jana SchmiedingHe has his mother (() at his side, to support him throughout it all. Helms said, “That is, I believe, the anchor that allows his season to flourish in Season two.” Helms also added, “while still making lots and lots of stupid errors.”