You want your bedroom to be eye-catching and have a welcoming vibe, but that can be a challenge if it’s small. However, you can do something to free up space and make it look and feel bigger. We will jot down the storage hacks and solutions that your room will need.

 1. Keep layout simple

When maximising small areas, you need to keep your layout simple and organised. Also, you need to make sure that you will use all the corners that are out of reach. For example, if the sleeping floor area is limited but your ceilings are higher, you can make a loft or bunk bed. You can also put a floating desk to maximise your space or create a mini office under your loft bed. Finally, since you still have extra space, you can make shelves and wall storage. There you will be able to put your books, favourite plants, and other supplies.

2. Select the right colour

The challenging task is choosing a colour that will suit your taste and make your space look wider. For the colours, you can select either neutral, dark, or pastel colours, but that would depend on the things that you will put to accentuate the colour of your wall. For example, to highlight dark paint on your wall, you need to add pastel colour stuff like throw pillows, bedsheets, and other things you want, to style your room.

3. Get custom cabinets

You will need storage for your small bedroom to keep things organised. A messy place can make it look even smaller. Custom cabinets are the best way to go if your space is limited because you can maximise every corner. You can get some ideas for bespoke bedroom cabinets at Plus, since they are customised, you have more freedom on what style and colour you want.

4. Add mirrors

Mirrors can do wonders because they give the illusion that your space is wider. It will look like your room has doubled its size. What’s even better is that they are inexpensive. So if you are on a tight budget, it’s an easy and cost-effective way to achieve your goal.

5. Make it look brighter

A dark bedroom can look tinier than it already is. If you do not have proper lighting, it’s time to upgrade the fixtures to make your room brighter. Take advantage of the natural lights too. Open your windows if the weather is warm. If it’s cold, use sheer curtains to still let some light through.

6. Keep it clutter-free

As mentioned, a messy room can make it look smaller. Clean up right away and keep things in place. To avoid things from piling up, think before making a new purchase. Only buy those that you need. If you buy things mindlessly, you could end up with a tight space again.

These are the things you need to remember in making your small bedroom look bigger. Then, once you achieve your goal, develop the habit of keeping it tidy and staying that way.