Dylan O’BrienCouldn’t even imagine going back to work in 2016 after the terrifying accident.
Talk to them during a conversation. Bustle Published March 16, 2009. Teen Wolf alum shared how he dealt with being out of work after he was struck by a vehicle while filming a stunt on the set of The Death Cure: Maze Runner.

The publication was told by he that “I was really struggling.” I never quit working, even after that accident. It was a strange experience to let so much of who I am be my profession and then to suddenly find myself in a situation where I felt that I could no longer do the job. I was just like, ‘I can’t ever imagine being on another set.'”

After the bike he was riding collided with a wall, the 30-year old suffered brain trauma, a concussion and a facial injury. His injuries required him to undergo facial surgery. Filming also had to be done on his face. Maze Runner production was subsequently delayed until he recovered. Dylan decided not to make the film public after finishing it. Dylan explained that over the five years he spent “reintroducing” himself to himself.