Dwayne Johnson, “The Rock”,Actors with extraordinary strength, magic powers, flying abilities and many other capabilities have been cast. The actor only wishes that he had one superpower in real life, and he knows who it is.

He exclusively stated that he would be able to “silence someone for the rest their lives with just one glance.” Daily PopAt the premier of his latest movie DC League of Super-Pets. “Now, if I had that ability—I would look right here,” he continued before staring at his friend and co-star Kevin Hart. “See how the man talks and talks about everything.

Johnson, despite all jokes, was thrilled to be back with his friend for the animated film. The movie follows super-powered pets who team up against evil forces.

“You’re taking two things that a lot of people around the world love—which are superheroes and, certainly, pets—and merging them together,” the 50-year-old said. “And I think this idea of your favorite superheroes from DC—The Justice League, Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman, Flash—who are their pets and what are their superpowers?”