Bravo, Dad. Again.

This was on May 28th Dwayne JohnHe shared a sweet Instagram video with his daughter, his youngest girl, to give fans an even more glimpse of his daily life. Tiana Gia Johnson, 4, enjoying a tea party with her stuffed bunny. The Rock also took the opportunity to give an update on where she stands regarding his exhaustive quest to make her believe he is in fact the voice of Maui in Disney’s Moana: Tia is just not buying it.

“Man these daddy/daughter/bunny tea parties have a special way of kinda putting life into real perspective,” Dwayne wrote. It becomes clearer what my ‘why” is. This is what she will remember, even though it’s unlikely that she remembers. She still doesn’t believe her daddy, MAUI, is her father from @disney movie MOANA. Every time she says it, “Daddy, you don’t look like Maui. You are The Rock.”

The actor’s video is set to Amos Lee“Sweet Pea” is a 2006 song by.