Dua Lipa Is levitating higher than the hatred. 
In her conversation with me on March 3, Jimmy FallonThe 26-year-old explained how she “reclaimed” her dance in “One Kiss” when people laughed at her moves after the video went viral.
It was because she had brought it back that I can look back at it. The Tonight Show. “It’s on my tour, I’m taking it back.” 
Not only is Dua moving past the negativity, the singer said the backlash actually encouraged her to become a better musician. Dua said that she was experiencing a lot grief from being bullied online. It was not very pleasant. You can see things from another perspective. It helped me become the artist that I wanted to be. 
Dua performs the dance now on tour in her rendition of “Don’t Start Now.” The infamous choreography originally consisted of Dua twisting her hips back and forth while remaining mostly motionless, which many considered to be lackluster.