CelebHomes can remind you of how relatable this is Drew Barrymore is. 

CelebHomes’s April 5th episode featured the talk-show host on its April 5 episode. Down in the DMs and revealed that she, too, “fangirls” over certain celebrities. I fell into Gigi HadiDrew confessed that he was a DM to Drew. “I just was like, ‘I love you! “If you are ever in the area, I’d love to meet up with you.

And Gigi isn’t the only star Drew likes to chat with. “I’ve been DMing for a while with Charli D’Amelio“It’s so much fun,” she stated about TikTok personalities. She is a huge fan of mine.

Although she calls herself a “dinosaur with technology”, the 47-year-old actress said that even as a tech-savvy dinosaur, she cannot resist the thrill of a DM slides. Drew said, “It is crazy that you can reach out to anybody,” and urged anyone else who wants to try the same thing to get on the right track, “What are you going to lose?” You don’t get a reply. You might not get the same answer from them to you, so please don’t be ashamed!”