SheaAnd Syd McGee are used to helping homeowners achieve their dreams—but their own lives are also pretty blissful at the moment.

Netflix hosts Makeover of your Dream HomeWelcome daughter to, the returning show on July 27, for its third season MargotHer parents disclosed to her in July 2021 that their one-year-old daughter was very deliberate about her first steps.

CelebHomes News exclusive: “She is crawling and doing whatever they ask and then letting go for another second,” mother Shea stated exclusively to CelebHomes News. However, she said that her baby was not yet ready to move on.

As dad Syd explained, “She’s thinking about walking, but she’s so fast crawling that she’s like, ‘I’m just gonna crawl.'”

An efficient toddler deserves our respect!

Margot and the couple also share their daughters Wren9 and Ivy6. But forget about sibling rivalry.

Syd said, “It’s really amazing.” Syd said, “They love her till the death.”

Imagine your parents dreaming.