“Baby! I love your style!” 

This Friday, February 11, Drake He took to Instagram to post two photos that showed his bold new hairstyle.  

He shared the image online as the 35-year-old “Hold On! We’re Going home” rapper. In it, he snaps a quick selfie using a mirror, with his head tilted downwards to display his braided, six-part hairstyle.  

Drake shared a second selfie in which he puffed his lips, in case anyone was unable to see his Story. The rapper can also be seen wearing a black sweater and diamond-encrusted chain with a pendant that reads “Certified Lover Boy,” which is the title of his latest record.   

Drake was a star when, in January 2021 he made waves with his cut hair. This coincided with Drake’s later release of Boy Certified to Love You in September.