“Listen, Blue Stone Manor may not be everyone’s taste, which I don’t believe—it’s pretty much everyone’s taste, the place is fabulous—but she didn’t like it,” Dorinda said. It’s good to know that I mistakenly thought I was watching the episode because she arrived at the gate and I noticed she wasn’t as thrilled. It was almost like it happened before the gates even opened. The Berkshires may not be for everybody.

Just because Vicki’s California vibe doesn’t match with the rural New England region doesn’t mean she has a poor sense of style. Vicki explained that Vicki has not been to my home. “Of course, I can taste.”

It’s obvious that Bravo has a lot of drama off-screen between its alumni. Real Housewives Ultimate Girls TripPeacock will premiere season 2 on Thursday, June 23rd.

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