Spreading Christmas cheer by sharing secrets is the best way. ElfAll are welcome to listen.

The following 2003 statistics were taken: Will Ferrell We were captivated by maple syrup, and it brought back our joy in smiling. ElfDebuted in theatres. It cost only $33million to make. Jon Favreau-directed feel-good comedy went on to gross over $220 million and, more importantly, has endured as a holiday classic for all these years. 

Ferrell’s turn as Buddy the Elf was his first film after leaving Saturday Night Live and found the actor interacting with animated whales and snowmen in the North Pole and hopping around New York City in yellow tights. Yet, the whole thing worked.

Did you also know that Ferrell almost had the role played by another actor? Ferrell was also criticized by one of his co-stars for being “too outrageous”. This is a very cotton-headed group of ninnymuggins.